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• I will proclaim the difference between Real Barbecue and faux ‘cue, the former being sublime and the latter merely roasted meat.

• I will remember and remind others that the making of Real Barbecue requires taste, tradition, and a sense of place.

• I will patronize purveyors of Real Barbecue, slow-cooked with smoke from wood or wood coals, and I will encourage others to do the same.

• I will especially seek out and celebrate those old-school pitmasters who cook solely with wood or wood coals.

• I will keep the Faith. I will not eat meat cooked only with gas or electricity and mislabeled “barbecue,” except when courtesy requires it.

• If compelled by circumstance to eat at an establishment serving such faux ‘cue, I will politely call attention to the lack of holy smoke by issuing an online review, letter to the editor, tweet, telegram, Facebook status update, smoke signal, or other ancient or modern form of communication.

• I will educate friends and strangers alike about, and tell them about the Campaign for Real Barbecue.

• Even in the face of ignorance, indifference, and bland meat, I will not despair, confident that Real Barbecue shall not perish from the earth.

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